Defend and protect

Kane Federal Services is helping organizations not only become compliant with new government and industry standards but is also paving the way for future ROI and advantageous risk management.

What Makes Us Different?

Independent Assessments

External assessments of information security processes and practices produce more accurate results, which in turn drives stronger security and improved safeguarding of your data with methods to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Accurate Results

The results can be used as a way to help your company talk about risk, increase cybersecurity communication with management, and better engage internal and external stakeholders in the delivery of security controls with tangible data and metrics.

Clear Path Forward

We aren’t biased to recommend a particular approach, vendor or solution – we are here to help you understand the gaps you may be facing in your information security management system.

A company’s cybersecurity posture has never been more vital to business success. Audit readiness isn’t just about compliance, it’s also about creating solid security controls to manage and reduce risk. To stay secure, it’s necessary to shift away from a compliance mindset and adopt a risk management approach.

The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

See how an effective ransomware attack comes together. This is why today’s enterprises require effective security.

Our Blog

The Infosec Blog is a combination of original posts from President and CEO Kevin Kane, as well as occasional guest posts from other cybersecurity professionals. Check back often for the latest in information security.